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The Medic Class is an "Efficacy" focused class.

Best for supportive playstyles.

Maintaining a high active team player presence is what this class is all about.
The Perks associated with Medic revolve around respawning faster and disabling team friendly fire accidents.

Medic is primarily a "Support" Class

Tips on using Medic while playing all 3 roles:

Impact Role- be ready to utilize the "Med Kit" Perk for mass team respawns during objective game modes

Control Role- post up at the farthest point your team can be pushed back playing as a "safety", this keeps you close to the dugout for respawns


Support Role- communicate with your team so they can utilize your mass respawns

Pre Game Perks



Hospital- the player's team is no longer affected by friendly fire

(Useful when teammates have automatics)

Mid Game Perks

Medkit icon with hex-01_edited.png


Medkit- allows the player to start 10 seconds of continuous respawn for their team

Respawn Time = 3

(Useful for spawning large groups)

Video Coming Soon!

Pick a Class

Stim Pack green glowing-01.png

Stim Pack

Stim Pack- allows the player to respawn instantly rather than waiting the normal 3 second penalty.

(Useful for players who need to respawn quickly)

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