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Booking a Private Event is a great way to Experience The War Zone Battle Simulation with your group exclusively.
The ENTIRE ARENA is yours.
Your Moderators (overseers of the game) will lead you through every step of the event.

They will be carefully monitoring, and game balancing your entire play session.

1. Choose a Size
2. Submit the Form
3. Answer the Phone Call

(May take up to 72hrs)

Party Sizes:
Member Discount 15-25%

1.) Tiny Party:
$110+$75 Deposit
($185 Total)

(2 - 6 Participants)

2.) Small Party:
$200+$75 Deposit

($275 Total)
(7 - 12 Participants)

3.) Medium Party:
$300+$75 Deposit

($375 Total)
(13 - 18 Participants)

4.) Large Party:
$444+$75 Deposit

($519 Total)
(19 - 24 Participants)
Need an XL?
Ask for a Special Request

All Parties Include:
Free Basic Blaster Rentals
(Upgrades Available)

Private Arena

Eye Protection

1hr of Game Time
30mins of Party/Cake Time
Party Space with Tables and Chairs

(You can Decorate 15 mins before Party)

Members Get Big Discounts on Private Events

Book My Event

Send Digital Invite to Your Guests

Send This Link to Guests:

Private Event Booking

$75 Non Refundable Deposit
Ages 7+

A Staff Member Will Call To Confirm Your Booking

By clicking submit, you agree to all Event Booking Policies

You will be receiving a call to secure your party!

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