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The Breacher Class is a "Positionally" focused class.

Best for positionally strategic playstyles.

Capturing and maintaining positions is what this class is all about.
The Perks associated with Breacher revolve around using shields and placeable obstacles.

Breacher is primarily a "Control" Class

Tips on using Breacher while playing all 3 roles:

Impact Role- seek to capture the strategic positions that involve the objective

Control Role- capture strategic positions around the enemy's spawn to control their rate of returning to the field


Support Role- protect your teammate as they walk behind you and your shield to get across a gap

Pre Game Perks

barricade with hex-01_edited_edited.png


Barricade- allows the player to place an immovable barrier before the game begins

(Must be inside team or neutral territory)

Mid Game Perks

Shield icon with hex-01_edited.png


Shield- allows the player to replace their secondary slot with a ballistic shield

Respawn Time = 4

(Shield can be worn on either arm)

Pick a Class

Stim Pack green glowing-01.png

Stim Pack

Stim Pack- allows the player to respawn instantly rather than waiting the normal 3 second penalty.

(Useful for players who need to respawn quickly)

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