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The Commando Class is a "Strategy" focused class.

Best for tactical playstyles.

Playing and capturing the objective is what this class is all about.
The Perks associated with Commando revolve around capturing objectives faster and obtaining strong positions early game.

Commando is primarily an "Impact" Class

Tips on using Commando while playing all 3 roles:

Impact Role- play the objective as much as possible and utilize the Hacker Perk


Control Role- use the Tactical Insertion Perk to claim strong positions early


Support Role- communicate with your teammates so you can focus on the objective while they cover you

Pre Game Perks

Tactical Insertion icon with hex-01_edited.png

Tactical Insertion

Tactical Insertion- allows the player to start the game outside their dugout.

(Must start inside team territory)

Mid Game Perks

Hacker Icon_edited.png


Hacker- allows the player to claim objectives 50% faster.

Respawn Time = 2

(Useful for players who need to respawn quickly)

Pick a Class

Stim Pack green glowing-01.png

Stim Pack

Stim Pack- allows the player to respawn instantly rather than waiting the normal 3 second penalty.

(Useful for players who need to respawn quickly)

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