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The Sniper Class is a "Precision" focused class.

Best for carful and accurate playstyles.

Eliminating the right targets is what this class is all about.
The Perks associated with Sniper revolve around using half dart blasters and good positioning.

Sniper is primarily a "Control" Class

Tips on using Sniper while playing all 3 roles:

Impact Role- seek to eliminate enemies who are entering an objective area

Control Role- obtain a strategic position with a far line of sight and deny enemy entry to that passage


Support Role- communicate with your teammates to see if there is a specific player they want you to focus on targeting

Pre Game Perks

overwatch icon with hex-01_edited.png


Overwatch- allows the player to start the game in their team's upstairs

(Bring an ammo pouch!)

Video Coming Soon!

Mid Game Perks

Sharp Shooter Icxon_edited.png


Sharpshooter- allows the player to use Half Dart Blasters

Respawn Time = 3

(Both Primary and Secondary can be Half Dart)

Pick a Class

Stim Pack green glowing-01.png

Stim Pack

Stim Pack- allows the player to respawn instantly rather than waiting the normal 3 second penalty.

(Useful for players who need to respawn quickly)

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