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The Medieval Class is a "Disruption" focused class.

Best for chaotic playstyles.

Removing enemies from strategic locations is what this class is all about.
The Perks associated with Medieval revolve around taking the enemy's strategic positions for your team.

Medieval is primarily a "Control" Class

Tips on using Medieval while playing all 3 roles:

Impact Role- eliminate players in close quarters areas like the bunkers or igloos

Control Role- post up inside doorways to catch enemy players trying to enter strategic locations


Support Role- communicate with your team so they can tell you which enemy positions need disrupted

Pre Game Perks

Knight Icon with hex-01-01_edited.png


Knight- the player must replace their primary slot with melee and their secondary slot with melee or a shield

(Gives access to the "Joust")
Video Coming Soon!

Mid Game Perks

Helmet Icon.png


Helmet- allows the player to resist regular round headshots.

Respawn Time = 2

(Applicable from the jaw line up)

Pick a Class

Stim Pack green glowing-01.png

Stim Pack

Stim Pack- allows the player to respawn instantly rather than waiting the normal 3 second penalty.

(Useful for players who need to respawn quickly)

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