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  • What is The War Zone?
    The War Zone is a small, locally owned business growing RAPIDLY. The War Zone is a High Tech Battlesport Arena, that hosts 3 forms of play: 1.Private Events- Book the arena for your private event 2.Puplic Open Plays- Join both the general public and members to battle 3.Member Only League Play- Competitive play, RESTRICTED to qualified Members
  • Does it hurt to get shot?
    Short answer: No All projectiles, melee, and shields at The War Zone are made of soft foam, rubber, plastic, or combination of these. Obviously, getting tagged in the face probably won't feel as good as getting tagged in the arm, but overall it really doesn't hurt for anyone over 7 years old. Competitive League Play is a different story though. League Play allows players to modify their blasters in order to increase the FPS to a predetermined cap. League play uses all the same materials, but the blasters are allowed to shoot harder.
  • Does The War Zone Provide Protective Gear and Blasters?
    Short Answer: Yes The War Zone provides free eye protection and a free basic blaster for Private Events, Open Play, and League Play. You can bring your own approved Eye Protection and Blaster if you choose.
  • Who are the Moderators?
    Moderators are integral to your experience at The War Zone. They keep order during games and enforce rules. It might seem like Moderators take the rules too seriously. They don't. Moderators are PAID to be in character and ensure that all games operate as fairly as possible. Your Moderators are also Professional Players. Yes, Moderators are PAID to play at The War Zone on a regular basis. This experience gives them valuable insight into game rules as well as coaching for the teams that need help.
  • Private Event Timeline
    Once you have paid your nonrefundable deposit and are officially booked, here is what your Timeline should look like: -Book Event -Receive Confirmation Email with Digital Invite -Watch "What To Expect" video -Send Digital Invites to Guests -Arrive to Event 20 Minutes early (example: Starts at 2:00pm arrive at 1:40pm) -Party Leader pays party remainder -Waivers are signed for all guests (18+, Parent or Legal Guardian required) -Head upstairs to decorate -Arriving guests will sign waivers, then get sent upstairs (All Guests Must Remain Upstairs Unless Using Restroom) -Evenly divide teams by Number, Skill, and Age (We STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST Kids vs Adults or 1 Gender vs Another) (Moderators hold the right to adjust any teams for game balancing purposes) (You don't want any guests leaving unhappy and neither to we) -When your Moderators are ready, they will call each team down to collect their eye protection -All participants will watch a safety briefing and be instructed on the rules -Blasters are handed out -Play will begin (Any breaks taken during play will cut into both game time and celebration time) -Final game ends -Participants will be lined up for a photo (Spectators can come down to take photos at this point also) -Gear Turn in (All Blasters and Eye Protection will be turned in) -Guests will be sent back upstairs for the remaining celebration time -When your Celebration/Food time ends: Gather your items Check the lockers for anything left behind -Upon exiting, feel free to leave your Moderators a tip if you feel that they did their best to run Good, Honest, and Exciting games!
  • Can I do Celebration Time First and Games After?
    Short Answer: No We ALWAYS run games first and celebration/food time after. You don't want your guests puking and neither do we! If you feel like you need more celebration time, ask your Moderators to cut the Game Time short so you can have more Celebration Time.
  • Is it Normal for Adults to Play?
    Short Answer: Yes! On average, there are almost always adults playing at private events. The Game Modes are specifically designed to appeal to both Adults and Kids.
  • Can I bring my own Food/Drinks?
    Short Answer: Yes, for $10 You can pay a $10 fee to bring your own food and drinks. Why is there a Fee?? Honestly, we didn't want to add a fee. It used to be free. Unfortunately there are always the bad occasional eggs that leave a huge mess. This fee is to combat this problem. Isn't it your job to clean up? Of course, but within reason. We Always Clean and Disinfect between each event anyways. The problem is when people leave beyond huge messes that could cause us to be late for the next event.
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