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The War Zone is an Offical Battle-Sport Arena that uses Custom Created Technology to Simulate Game Modes.

Sportsmanship and fair play is still required by all participants to run good, honest games.
(Just like Soccer, Baseball, or any other sport)

To help players understand the rules, Gen-IFR has ordered us to create this webpage, and make it available for public viewing.

If you are a serious player, check this page routinely for rule and perk updates.

Being first to know rule updates and patches will always work in your favor.

(Rules on Eliminations)

Regular Rounds:
 If a "Regular Round", fired from a blaster hits you, your hair, or anything you are wearing, you are now "Tagged Out".
Once you are "Tagged Out", you must signal your out of play status by loudly declaring "OUT!" and raising your hand above your head.
After declaring your out, please refer to your current Game Mode's respawn process.
(The "Regular Respawn Process" is to immediately start moving to your Team's Designated Dugout, then enter it and begin Respawning.)

Regular Rounds CAN NOT be Thrown.
Ricochets Do Not Count.

Blocking Regular Rounds
-Shields Block Regular Rounds
-Blasters Block Regular Rounds
-Melee Weapons Block Regular Rounds

-Grenades DO NOT Block Regular Rounds

Melee Tags
If a Melee Weapon Touches you (anything you are wearing), your shield, or your blaster, you are "Tagged Out".
If a Melee Weapon touches your Melee Weapon, it's declared a "Trade" (Both Players Are Tagged Out).
Melee weapons CAN NOT be thrown.
Shields and Blasters CAN NOT be used for Melee

Blocking Melee
You cannot block Melee.
(Shields Do Not Block Melee)

Explosive Tag Outs
If an Explosive Weapon (Grenade or Arrow) is projected and then hits you (anything you are wearing), your blaster, your shield, or your Melee Weapon, you are Tagged Out.

Arrows MUST be shot from a bow.
Arrows CAN NOT be thrown.
Grenades must be thrown.
Grenades CAN NOT be kicked.


Learn About some Game Modes

Bomb Diffusion

Team Deathmatch

The Gulag

Classes & Perks
Classes and Perks have been added to the game in order to enhance different playstyles and strategies.
Once you become a member, you unlock the ability to choose a class.
Some class examples are:

Assault- an offensive based class
Commando- an objective based class
Medic- a support based class
Breacher- a positional control based class
and many more...

Classes give certain playstyles advantages through the use of PERKS.
Each class has a list of Perks available to it. The Perks are divided into "Pre-Game" Perks and "Mid-Game" Perks.
Pre-Game Perks are advantages you get to use before the game starts.

Tactical Insertion- Start the game outside your dugout, inside team territory
Biowarfare- Double enemy respawn time
and many more...

Mid-Game Perks are advantages you get to use during the game. Your Mid-Game Perk will also determine your respawn time.

Stim Pack- Use to respawn instantly
Hacker- Use to diffuse the bomb faster and
capture objectives faster.
and many more...

As you earn points, you will begin to unlock new Classes. When you play as a certain class you will also earn points towards unlocking new perk choices for that class. This will give you more options to be strategic for particular game modes.


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